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Prospects with Potential

Prospects with Potential

Ladies, stop dating the ‘potential’ of a man and instead forge a relationship filled with the potential of possibilities because of what you both bring to the table. The mindset of what you can gain from a union is the twisted-ness of ego and greed. Instead the mindset of how what you bring marries what the other person brings is what lays the right foundation.

I have found that men only want to know and feel that who they are and what they bring are GOOD ENOUGH. Truth be told, any woman who is THAT BUILT LIKE THAT WOMAN knows that what she brings elevates him to exponentially greater than good enough and the only women wanting ready made greatness are those scavengers looking to feed off of instead of feed into.

About The Author

The Hustle Mama

Stefany J. is the CEO of a Media Content Company with a diverse portfolio of products and projects that service both the US and International Markets. She is a Subject Matter Expert at creating Global Business angles; and by using her theories surrounding Universal Consciousness and Business Intelligence, she has transformed the lives of many and inspired the lives of many more. She is committed to a life filled with successful outcomes and built her career as a Corporate Executive managing programs, products, and portfolios in the hundreds of millions of dollars to more than 11,000 families across 8 states around the country. As a Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and International & Global Markets Strategist, Stefany enjoys sharing with others how to grow their mindsets and businesses by doing more than just networking and earning a lot of money. She shows women how to make their lives, relationships, and businesses more rewarding, transforming, and lasting for the years to come and beyond through Spiritual Growth and the creation of General Wealth through Abundance Consciousness.


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