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Hard Lessons

Hard Lessons

The hardest life lessons are merely exercises for those who are purposed for greatness!

LIVING w/PURPOSE is not something many have the courage to do. I don’t know if waking up from that Coma has something to do w/it but I AM GRATEFUL for the relationship I have w/JESUS and my unyielding obedience to His voice even when I would rather not. (Smile). HAVE A BLESSED DAY TODAY!

Just finished a morning pow wow w/my 2 favorite people. MY PARENTS. I soooo love them 4 providing the best “Cosby” lifestyle ever: an upbringing of unconditional love, never-ending laughter, acceptance, & a relationship with Christ. A tree is known by its fruits & when you are walking proof of the fruits of the spirit you know that you’ve grown from good ground & planting.! Much love to my siblings who are the best

A double -minded man is unstable in all his ways and is a walking contradiction. What does that mean? That means you can have GOD living in you and even SPEAK the word…but if you are not HEARING the voice of GOD and LISTENING to it, you have yet to understand the POWER of ANOINTING … MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN!

If you are loved by all, and hated by none than you are not walking with the Father or His Son. BOOM!

Don’t for one moment ever believe that man’s choices can’t FORFEIT and OVER-RIDE GOD’s WILL for his life. That is why there’s a PERFECT WILL and a PERMISSIVE WILL. GOD merely presents before you two of every thing… what you decide will always be up to you. ME? I roll with the Father ALL DAY LONG every day. I have learned my obedience is better than my sacrifice.!

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The Hustle Mama

Stefany J. is the CEO of a Media Content Company with a diverse portfolio of products and projects that service both the US and International Markets. She is a Subject Matter Expert at creating Global Business angles; and by using her theories surrounding Universal Consciousness and Business Intelligence, she has transformed the lives of many and inspired the lives of many more. She is committed to a life filled with successful outcomes and built her career as a Corporate Executive managing programs, products, and portfolios in the hundreds of millions of dollars to more than 11,000 families across 8 states around the country. As a Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and International & Global Markets Strategist, Stefany enjoys sharing with others how to grow their mindsets and businesses by doing more than just networking and earning a lot of money. She shows women how to make their lives, relationships, and businesses more rewarding, transforming, and lasting for the years to come and beyond through Spiritual Growth and the creation of General Wealth through Abundance Consciousness.


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