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Back and Forth

Back and Forth

People don’t ever realize they are making a mistake when they are performing the action, only when they look back and assuming they have matured, can see how wrong as two left shoes they were. That is why when you live AUTHENTICALLY and pure in your heart and intentions, even the most wrong and heart wrenching happenings are of no consequence and never yield regret.

Two good lessons I learned in life.

1. Make sure that what is feeding your confidence is genuinely rooted and not something of temporal superficial pleasure and

2. Make sure your intentions are pure or that fed confidence will breed its own monster of arrogance and leave you empty and alone in every area of your life before it’s all over.

At the end of the day we get one chance at this thing called LIFE and looking back on your regrets or mistakes is like walking into your destiny backwards and blind instead of meeting it head on and ready!

About The Author

The Hustle Mama

Stefany J. is the CEO of a Media Content Company with a diverse portfolio of products and projects that service both the US and International Markets. She is a Subject Matter Expert at creating Global Business angles; and by using her theories surrounding Universal Consciousness and Business Intelligence, she has transformed the lives of many and inspired the lives of many more. She is committed to a life filled with successful outcomes and built her career as a Corporate Executive managing programs, products, and portfolios in the hundreds of millions of dollars to more than 11,000 families across 8 states around the country. As a Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and International & Global Markets Strategist, Stefany enjoys sharing with others how to grow their mindsets and businesses by doing more than just networking and earning a lot of money. She shows women how to make their lives, relationships, and businesses more rewarding, transforming, and lasting for the years to come and beyond through Spiritual Growth and the creation of General Wealth through Abundance Consciousness.


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