The Beauty of Loving YOUR Life….
I really should have written yesterday but there was sooo much going on. In fact, when in this Hustle Mama’s
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If you never find yourself taking accountability for your actions, then you are one who lives in the company of
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The World on Your Back
If you are having difficulty with understanding and acceptance, you are in the company of people not on your level. 
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Be mindful to meet people where they are, even if they have yet to extend the same courtesy. Don’t for
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Hard Lessons
The hardest life lessons are merely exercises for those who are purposed for greatness! LIVING w/PURPOSE is not something many
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Love Vibrations
Remember to LIVE in the constant LOVE vibration, one must LOVE through the constant FORGIVENESS vibration. I just saw the
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Poured Out
It’s one of those days… when you realize that you’ve poured into everyone else… This life is completely about who
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Courageous Truth
When you have the courage to take a chance on the things that most scare or intimidate you, that’s called
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Shifting & Sifting
What’s wrong with family and love relationships? EVERYONE wants to SHIFT blame instead of admit any percentage of fault. OK.
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The Beauty of Better
Today I am a better person only because yesterday I was willing to see that I wasn’t a perfect person.
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Love Happens
The most beautiful relationships are when love happens. LOVE HAPPENS when BOTH parties are READY and WILLING. People are willing
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True Blue
Open rebuke is better than secret love…faithful are the wounds of a friend. (Prov. 27)11/10 If more of us listened
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